Rich Man Vs. Poor Man

Rich Man Vs. Poor Man

I asked everyday American's if they are making stacks or counting pennies. Did the rich work hard or just make money on the backs of the poor? What were their thoughts on our current economic standing? Remember, please subscribe at!

Mike Huckabee Fearmongers Over 'Taxmageddon'

Since Mike Huckabee pretends to be a religious man and a Christian, maybe someone could remind him of this quote from Matthew 19:24 before he does another show on Fox carrying water for rich people as he did here. I tell you the truth, it is hard

Did The Lord Say To Be A Greedy A**hole?

This is your Moment of Clarity #155: Are being rich and Christian mutually exclusive? I did the research so you wouldn't have to. I'm not usually in to Bible quotes, but you have to hear these! Keep fighting, Lee

Noam Chomsky: 'The Occupy Movement Just Lit A Spark'

'If you're rich and powerful you never have enough'. In this full-length interview, Gary Younge talks to US historian and philosopher Noam Chomsky about why the Occupy movement is so important, where it goes from here, and how it will affect the election.

Scott Walker, You're Fired!

I was in Madison, Wisconsin when the citizens took over the statehouse and it was one of the most amazing events I've witnessed. I saw firsthand the power of regular people coming together in unity to fight back against corrupt politicians and corporate influence. I'm honored to add my voice to this historic campaign to recall Scott Walker and rebuild Wisconsin.