November 1942

November 28, 1942 - End Of The French Fleet.

News for this day in history - November 28, 1942. The destruction of the French fleet, fourth largest in the world, at Toulon. Russian Army making advances. Rommel in North Africa. World War 2.

November 21, 1942 - Sliding Into The Dog Days Of War.

News of this day in history for November 21, 1942. Fighting continues on Guadalcanal, Randolph Churchill lands with Commando forces in North Africa. Fighting continues in North Africa. Capitol Hill debates the Poll Tax and 70% of U.S. butter frozen for government use.

This Week In November 1942 - The War Going On

News for the week of November 14th 1942 - the North African campaign, reports from Moscow, Australia and news bulletin on the rescue of World War 1 Ace Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, whose bomber was downed in the Pacific.