Opening Bell

C&L Opening Bell: How Randroids See The World

The dirty secret of Ayn Rand's philosophy is that it not only feels contempt toward the state but toward the vast majority of humanity as well. As even some libertarians have uncomfortably noted, Ms. Rand's contempt for The People was so strong

C&L Opening Bell: Organizing Against The Banks

One of my favorite political groups to spring up over the past year has been UK Uncut, a British grassroots campaign that arose to oppose Conservative Party budget cuts by pointing out how British companies engage in obscene levels of tax avoidance.

C&L Opening Bell: More On The SquidBook Deal

So it looks as though Facebook plans to go public sometime next year, thus rendering irrelevant any questions about whether it can have Goldman sell its shares to other investors and still remain a private entity. On the other hand, as William

C&L Opening Bell: Legalizing Fraud

If I could pick one idea to purge from the American psyche, it would be the idea that rich people are special, magical wealth leprechauns who must be allowed to pursue their interests without hindrance lest the entire economy collapse. The reason

C&L Opening Bell: Call The GOP's Bluff On The Debt Ceiling

Jon Cohn notes that the GOP's game of chicken on whether to raise the debt ceiling is pretty goddamn insane: And the alternative—failing to increase the debt ceiling? What precise effects would that have? This isn't my area of expertise, but my

C&L Opening Bell, 12-23-10

Ho, ho, ho, C&Lers! There have been lots of naughty people in the financial industry this year! But instead of a lump of coal, many of them are getting a big bonus check in their stockings! Let's take a look at some of the yuletide cheer they've

C&L Opening Bell, Accountability In The UK Edition

I'm going to focus on what's happening over in Jolly Olde England to-day because I think it provides us with a future model for how to organize against inevitable attempts to cut Social Security in the near future. Let's get started! So what's

C&L Opening Bell, 12-15-10

Good mornin'! Let's get started: Republicans on the financial crisis investigation commission reached new levels of insanity yesterday when they chose to adopt a blame-it-on-ACORN narrative to the causes of the financial crisis: The four