December 15

December 15, 1941 - America's First Week Of War.

Getting used to blackouts. News of this day in 1941 was all about America's entry into the war and little else. From Navy communiques regarding fighting in the Philippines and islands throughout the Pacific region to reports of heavy fighting in

The Jobs Gap: The Deficit That Matters Most

While all eyes remain fixed on the Republican debt ceiling hostage drama in Washington, the deficit that really matters has all but disappeared from the American political debate. Even as Vice President Biden confidently predicted his

December 15, 1995 - Breakthroughs And Stalemates.

News of the day for December 15, 1995 - The Whitewater affair, AIDS activist Jeff Getty gets first Baboon bone marrow cell transplant ever, Bosnia going through transition, Boris Yeltsin on upcoming elections in Russia, OJ Simpson civil trial - the day just started.