Violent Arrests At Occupy Wall Street Included One Journalist

Approximately 1,000 protesters, including a large group of musicians, left Zuccotti Park today at 4pm EST, and was cut in half by a group of helmeted NYPD officers at Williams and Pine Streets. Violent arrests ensued, with journalist John Knefel among those detained.

Big Brother Is Watching

"Ring of Steel" likens the surveillance-happy police state in New York City—whose violent, militaristic tactics were exposed thanks to the emergence of Occupy Wall Street—to a discordant cacophony of noise music set against stark concrete from which cameras sinisterly protrude. Thousands of cameras capture our visage each day—something this film won't let you forget.

A Shout In The Sky: Barcelona 2011

"Shouts in the Sky" is a documentary film about the civil movement born in May, 2011, in Barcelona, Spain. Through an occupation of the main square, Plaça de Catalunya, which remained occupied for months