Wisconsin protests

Protesters Keep Wisconsin State Rep From Walker Rally

Democracy in action, baby. Peacefully and without violence, Wisconsin protesters made their voices known to Wisconsin State Rep Warren Petryk, keeping him from an Americans for Prosperity (read Koch brothers)-funded rally for Gov. Scott Walker.

Michael Moore In Wisconsin: 'America Is Not Broke'

I love Michael Moore, because the man is a real American. There was a time in the early days of the blogosphere when most liberal bloggers ignored him - he made liberals "look bad," he "isn't our kind." I wasn't one of those bloggers, maybe

SUPER CRIME STOPPERS -- Wisconsin Edition

You can help out in Wisconsin, wherever you are. Call now, (608) 266-1212. Be polite, be thorough, and tell him all your clues! Do you do impressions? Ask to speak to Chief-of-Staff Keith Gilkes, he'll get a big kick out of those! Call it