Bill O'Reilly Discounts Poll Showing Support For Unions, Since Union Workers Shouldn't Be Counted In Polls

I was wondering if Bill would even mention the new NY Times/CBS poll which clearly states that Americans are siding with public union workers over Scott Walker's plan to strip them of collective bargaining. The poll even sided with unions over Governers, but O'Reilly found a new way to try and confuse his audience so that the results didn't count. You see, BillO used his opening segment to say that 20% of the people that were polled were union workers so the poll is not fair. Huh?

O'REILLY: Americans are now caught up in a very important conflict: cost-cutting vs. union benefits.

According to a new CBS poll, 37 percent of Americans favor cutting pay or benefits for public union employees, but 56 percent oppose that. The New York Times headline on Tuesday was: "Majority in Poll Back Employees in Public Sector." But the poll is misleading because 20 percent of the respondents say they are from union households. If you subtract them, those who favor cutting benefits win the poll.

That's some kinda logic there, BillO.

You know, the Wisconsin police union members who were on The Ed Show yesterday identified themselves as mostly conservative, yet said they are standing with the public union workers because they feel Gov. Walker is wrong even if they are exempt from Walker's mad plan.

So, does that mean conservatives shouldn't be counted in polls that are about issues Republicans support? Should Democrats be exempt from polls trying to gauge President Obama's approval rating? Maybe we should cut out Southern states when asking about race issues. How about we eliminate Progressives from polls when asking questions about Social Security? I got it. How about we only poll cats and dogs and cows so we get a real, unbiased view of America? I know piranhas would side with the Koch Brothers, so they can't be counted either.

See, in BillOTopia, union workers aren't real Americans. Public employees aren't even considered taxpayers by Republicans. Bill forgot to mention that the poll also demonstrated that Americans would rather have their taxes raised to reduce the deficit.

Tax increases were not as unpopular among those surveyed as they are among many governors, who have vowed to avoid them. Asked how they would choose to reduce their state’s deficits, those polled preferred tax increases over benefit cuts for state workers by nearly two to one. Given a list of options to reduce the deficit, 40 percent said they would increase taxes, 22 percent chose decreasing the benefits of public employees, 20 percent said they would cut financing for roads and 3 percent said they would cut financing for education.

Did you hear that, all you deficit hawks? Raising taxes isn't anything close to messing with the real third rail in politics.

It's absurd. Where's the Flying Spaghetti Monster when you need him?


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