Over 130 Arrested Protesting Vermont Yankee Nuke Plant

Over 1,000 people rallied and marched to Entergy HQ in Brattleboro, Vermont on Thursday. Additionally, two solidarity actions took place in other locations, Entergy Nuclear's Northeast office as well as Entergy's corporate office in New Orleans.

Midterm Wave Washes Alabama's Immigrants/Economy Away

It's not just happening on Wall Street. Americans everywhere are feeling the impact of the midterm wave and not liking it. State senator Scott Beason got an earful from fourth-generation farmers Monday -- red-state salt-of-the-Earth folk who

Big Government Republicans In Alabama

Alabama has moved to deny undocumented children a chance to participate in our state's civic religion, i.e. football, but some things are still more sacred than our state's responsibility to shun brown people. Like, say, the legislature's duty to

Does The Right To Life End At Birth?

This is not a conversation I am used to seeing in Alabama, but one I have long wanted to hear. When the new Republican House majority moved to vote on a bill that would make abortions illegal after the 20th week of gestation, Democrats filibustered.

Fighting Democrats Of Alabama

Remember "Lynn Greer explains it all for you?" Well, the Democrats of Alabama took some video from a TV station's camera and did a very clever mash-up of his highlights. My video for comparison, and some news from the southern battlefront of the

Stop Juan Crow

Several House Democrats spoke at a rally in front of the Alabama legislature in opposition to HB 56, an immigration-enforcement bill patterned after Arizona's "papers please" law. They linked their own historical struggle for civil rights in Alabama

Handshake Down In Alabama

Like Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and many other states, Alabama has a big, new Republican legislative majority working hard to undermine unions. The House passed HB 64 yesterday, which would amend Alabama's 1901 constitution to require secret