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Banks Run Roughshod Again

Silly me. Here I thought that the rule of law actually mattered, and that when the good guys triumphed (three times — twice in Congress, once in the courts) the battle was over, we could enjoy the moment and brace for the next fight. As I

Another Round In The Bank Wars

Ultimately, there are only two things that will help rescue our economy — and our democracy — from the dangers posed to us by Too Big to Fail banks. The first is to arrest a lot of Wall Street bank executives for the massive and intentional

Against Their Own Interests

One of the saddest stories in American politics, which happens all too often, is when small and medium sized community-based businesses lobby against common-sense regulations that would help them compete against the big-business conglomerates that

The Black Hole At The Pit Of The Economy

Disturbing numbers being reported from the housing sector are a reminder that America is in real danger of a Lost-Decade-of-Japan kind of situation if we don’t do something serious about the ground zero of our economic collapse: Wall Street.

A Tale Of Arrogance

New York Communities for Change on Vimeo. Humanity’s literature from the very earliest days has many stories of hubris and arrogance that ring true. Icarus got too close to the sun, and had his wings burned off. Goliath got a little too