Standard and Poor's

Stephen Colbert: America's Credit Downgrade

While telling every one else not to panic in reaction to drops in the stock market after the S&P downgrade, Stephen Colbert packed his "hobo satchel" full of gold, weapons and a chicken as he prepared to make his escape from the United States.

More Weasel Words From Paul Ryan On Tax Increases

Alex Seitz-Wald over at Think Progress seemed to think this exchange between Paul Ryan and Chris Wallace potentially signaled some shift by him with his rhetoric on whether he'd be open to revenue increases after we ended up getting our credit

Fareed Zakaria: 'We've Downgraded Ourselves'

While I do not agree with all of the points Fareed Zakaria made during this segment, like comparing protecting our social safety nets to the Republicans rigidity on tax increases and painting those as being somehow equivalent; especially if you're

John Kerry: This Is The Tea Party Downgrade

John Kerry left little doubt where Democrats plan on laying the blame for Standard and Poor's deciding to downgrade our credit rating -- squarely on the laps of those "tea party" Republicans in the House who were actually saying default would be

Tea Party! America Thanks You! (A DC Douglas Tweak)

From our friend D.C. Douglas who continues to be a thorn in the side to these "tea partiers". Tea Party! America Thanks You! (A DC Douglas Tweak): Actor, voice over artist and Tea Party gadfly, D.C. Douglas, released another video thanking