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Is Your Boss Keeping Your State Taxes?

Big corporations are getting a steady infusion of your hard-earned tax dollars... Reuters: Across the country more than 2,700 companies are collecting state income taxes from hundreds of thousands of workers - and are keeping the money

Shaking Down The Working Class, State By State

Fox News and business network pundits loudly proclaim the wealthy pay all the taxes and poor people are grubbing off of them. What they're talking about are federal taxes, so that they can create their own fraudulent narrative about the federal

AMW's John Walsh Speaks Out Against Police And Firefighter Cuts

Wow. America's Most Wanted host John Walsh has an earful about cutting the government to spark economic growth this week. He notes letting police and firefighters go is bad for our communities. Flint, MI which laid off two-thirds of its police force, according to Walsh has become a "small city murder capital of the U.S."

Study: Rich People Don't Run From High-Tax States

Chris Christie says he won't raise taxes on the rich because they might leave the state. How shocking, that Republican and Blue Dog governors are pursuing tax policies that punish the working class under the guise of keeping the rich in their