O'Reilly Pines For The 'Wholesome' 1950's That Only Exists In His Mind

Fox's Bill O'Reilly opened up his show this Tuesday evening by using the death of former Mouseketeer Annette Funicello to opine over whether America was somehow "a better country" back in those days when, as Media Matters noted, white America was "kind of unified" and if that "made it easier for society to function."

Newstalgia Pop Chronicles - The Grand Ole Opry - 1955.

Newstalgia Pop Chronicles featuring The Grand Ole Opry with "Little" Jimmy Dickens, Minnie Pearl, Del Wood, Chet Atkins and others. A slice of Americana from the 1950's, first broadcast over NBC's new Radio Series, Monitor on June 22, 1955.

20th Century Nomads In 1959.

20th Century Nomads In 1959 - a look at the great Migration West in the 1950's, as presented by the CBS Radio series The Great Challenge, hosted by Howard K. Smith on January 4, 1959.