News Of The World Scandal

Rupertgate Tuesday - The Frenzy Resumes - Sept. 6, 2011

Rupertgate Tuesday - hearings resume today into the Phone Hacking/Coverup/Bribery/you-name-it Scandal enveloping the empire of Rupert Murdoch. Today's revelations come by way of former Legal Manager for News Of The World Tom Crone who swears up and down James Murdoch knew of the goings-on.

Rupertgate Friday - A Week Full Of Intrigues.

Just when you thought nothing was going on, up pops new allegations of phone hacking. This time from Sir Paul McCartney's ex Heather Mills, who alleges Daily Mirror were listening in. Also, News International and Rupert Murdoch are now getting the sideways glance from Scottish press as First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond has been revealed as a more-than-chummy friendship between him and Rupert Murdoch. The horror continues.

Rupertgate Tuesday - Bracelets And Pies - August 2, 2011

The latest news on the continuing saga of Rupertgate. Today comes the arrest of former Managing Editor of News Of the World Stuart Kuttner amidst allegations that he, like the 10 arrestees before him, knew widespread phone hacking was going on and was also in on paying bribes. The Pie Man, Jonny Marbles is sentenced to six weeks for his foamy kerfuffle during the Murdoch hearings. And just how deleted are deleted e-mails? An update to the story yesterday of mass e-mail deleting at NotW. Also a special program on the Government fallout over the Hacking scandal.

Rupertgate Monday - More Scalps Than A Rogaine Seminar.

Latest news on the continuously unfolding Phone Hacking and Bribery scandal now involving key members of Scotland Yard. The latest to resign is John Yates, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner, following less than 24 hours after the resignation of Sir Paul Stephenson, Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

Rupertgate Wednesday - Imagining The Domino.

The latest on the Rupert Murdoch/Newscorp/News International Scandal with the sudden withdrawal in a takeover bid by Newscorp of BskyB, amid allegations and further revelations in the continuing scandal.