Leaked Florida GOP Memo: Dems Are 'Cleaning Our Clock'

Evan Axelbank, a reporter with WPTV in Florida, was tweeting late Tuesday night about a memo he received from a GOP campaign adviser to a local candidate there that contained some good news...for Democrats. (See the memo above.) Axelbank

The GOP Strategy Revealed

Is the GOP employing a racist strategy to get Mitt Romney into the White House? Watch this video to find out.

Catalytic Moment

Scott Walker was prank-called by a journalist pretending to be the billionaire David Koch. In a phone call that lasts 20 minutes, the Wisconsin governor speaks candidly about his strategy. The call proves that the whole event is motivated

Independent And Moderate Voters: What's A 'David Brooks?'

Let's get this out of the way: David Brooks and his colleague Tom Friedman are two of the biggest frauds in the world of punditry. Anyone who claims to speak on behalf of "moderate" and "independent" voters has no idea what they're talking about

Lessons From Wisconsin

While we didn't win everything we wanted in Wisconsin, we scored a significant victory. Of the Republicans the left tried to recall in the state, three of the seven were successful. That's a pretty powerful message, since there were only four