reparative therapy

Pat Robertson: Gays Can 'Un-acquire' Homosexuality

Televangelist Pat Robertson offered a simple solution Wednesday to gays who want to be straight: just 'un-acquire' homosexuality. A viewer named "Tommy" asked Robertson how he could show his gay son "the love of Jesus when you know his sexual

Bachmann: Questions About Gay Therapy Are Out Of Bounds

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann Thursday refused to say if she thought reparative therapy could "change gay people into being straight" because it was not relevant to her campaign. "Recent reporting has revealed the clinic you

Marcus And Michele Explain Marriage To You

Great news, everybody! Michele Bachmann and her husband Marcus are sharing marriage tips! Shall we all gather round and take notes? These two supergeniuses of marriage, morality, and normalcy are feeling real share-y lately, and as the facts