August 2

DOJ Aggressively Investigating Police Brutality

There has been a thread of common wisdom which says the DOJ is turning a blind eye to police brutality, most recently with regard to the excessive force shown to Occupy protesters around the country. In fact, the opposite appears to be true. Via

Rupertgate Tuesday - Bracelets And Pies - August 2, 2011

The latest news on the continuing saga of Rupertgate. Today comes the arrest of former Managing Editor of News Of the World Stuart Kuttner amidst allegations that he, like the 10 arrestees before him, knew widespread phone hacking was going on and was also in on paying bribes. The Pie Man, Jonny Marbles is sentenced to six weeks for his foamy kerfuffle during the Murdoch hearings. And just how deleted are deleted e-mails? An update to the story yesterday of mass e-mail deleting at NotW. Also a special program on the Government fallout over the Hacking scandal.