Capital Gains

CBO Study Shows Tax Breaks Favor The Rich

A new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis shows that half the value of the $900 billion worth of top tax breaks goes to the top quintile of American income earners.

Obama, Bush Tax Cuts Cost Five Times More Than New Tax Hikes

Uncle Sam has a well-documented need for more tax revenue in the years ahead. And a big reason why is that between them, Presidents Bush and Obama cut taxes by more than the five times the amount of the combined new revenue hikes Obama got in January and is asking for now.

Low Capital Gains Tax Rates Fuel Record Income Inequality

A new analysis by Congressional Research Service analyst Thomas Hungerford is just the latest to show that historically low capital gains tax rates are "by far the largest contributor" to America's historically high income inequality.

Too Big To Fail, Too Big To Jail? That Means Too Big To Exist

I am really excited that the long overdue battle over immigration reform and a path to citizenship has finally begun in earnest. While I am heartsick at the reason, it is good news that common sense gun safety laws are once again being discussed in

Top Romney Economic Adviser: 'The Rich Are Taxed Enough'

Back in June, Mitt Romney's top economic adviser Glenn Hubbard caused a stir when he took his partisan politics beyond the water's edge and onto the op-ed page of a German newspaper. Now, the man the New York Times labeled Romney's "go-to