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Me, Ohio Governor John Kasich And His Need To Shame The Poor
John Kasich (R) - Governor of Ohio Image from: Office of Ohio Governor John R. Kasich

Me, Ohio Governor John Kasich And His Need To Shame The Poor

In this supposed Land of Liberty, who is John Kasich to call me lazy and dictate what I should do with my time and my life? Are the poor lazy or is John Kasich a modern-day slave holder with the state of Ohio as his plantation?

Chris Hedges, Occupy Sandy: The People's Recovery

Chris Hedges speaks at the People's Recovery Summit organized by Occupy Sandy. The Church of St. Luke & St. Matthew, Brooklyn, NY, February 2, 2013: The corporate state has made it clear there will be no more Occupy encampments. The

Nuns On The Bus Visit The Overpass Light Brigade

The Nuns on the Bus (Catholic Sisters on a national tour, traveling the country to raise awareness of the devastating effects austerity legislation has on the working poor) came out to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to visit the Overpass Light Brigade, who celebrated the occasion with a new message in honor of nuns' efforts.

A Fracking Eviction: Is Your Community Next?

Today only 7 families remain of the former 32 who made up the community of the Riverdale Mobile Home Park, in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, after the land beneath them was sold to Aqua America, a water company dedicated to fracking.