Enemy Of The State: US Consulate In Melbourne Sit-In

After news that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had been designated an "Enemy of the State" by the United States government and that communication with him is considered "communicating with the enemy," protesters in Melbourne decided to

I Am The 99 Percent

I am a 27 year old veteran of the Iraq War. I enlisted to protect the American people, but ended up making profits for politically-connected contractors. I returned to a country whose economy had been devastated by bankers with the same connections and the same lack of ethics. It might be cliche by now, but this is the second time I’ve fought for my country and the first time I’ve known my enemy. I am the 99%.

The Economy Killing Patriot Act?

This is something I never thought of, the stronger hand of our government, at the behest of the Patriot Act, actually hurting us on the tech front. It turns out that is exactly what is happening: Cloud computing is a gold mine for the U.S. tech