Mikhail Gorbachev

June 19, 1990 - "On The Threshold Of Major Change"

June 19,1990 - Hijacked Soviet plane lands in Helsinki. Gorbachev addresses fractured Communist Party. Nelson Mandela addresses audience in Toronto. First execution in Arkansas since 1964. Marion Barry trial proceeds. Rift in Solidarity Movement in Poland. Excalibur Hotel opens in Las Vegas.

January 11, 1988 - Bumpy Rides And Red Faces.

News of the day - Dow Jones making slow recovery from precipitous drop of 140 points on the previous trading day. Questions raised about whether or not Libya was actually involved in the Berlin Disco bombing that brought U.S. retaliation against Libya in 1986. Soviet Union will participate in the 1988 Seoul Olympics after all. Israel-Palestinian friction leads to 30 deaths. Gorbachev calls for Sino/Soviet Summit. Lyn Nofziger investigated for influence peddling during the Wedtech Scandal hearings. Arizona Governor Evan Mecham vows not to quit - opts to be dragged from office.

August 19, 1991 - Coup In Russia.

News of the day for August 19, 1991 - Attempted coup in Moscow as hardliners attempt to take over the Russian government of Mikhail Gorbachev. On the 19th it was a breaking story.