Politics Past - 1972: "Say Watergate And Duck".

Politics Past - 1972: "Say Watergate And Duck" - Issues & Answers program featuring Sen. Robert Dole, Chairman of the Republican National Committee and Lawrence O'Brien, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and Chairman of the McGovern-Shriver Campaign over allegations of the Watergate Break-in. Originally broadcast on September 24, 1972.

Hope For Bankaneers: We Do Like Pirate Movies

Pirates, at least the traditional image we have in our minds (the ones with the parrots on their shoulders and wooden legs from the 1700s), were in reality rapists, thieves and murderers. They were violent outlaws; terrorists of the Caribbean

Two Days In September 1948 - Cold War, Assassinations, Campaigns.

News for September 16-17, 1948. Berlin Airlift, Cold War tensions, Soviet Union, Romania ousts U.S. employees on grounds of espionage. Berlin reports. Communist Hearings resume in Washington. 1948 Presidential campaigns begins. Count Folke Bernadotte, UN mediator in Middle East is assassinated - Stern Gang implicated. End of Civil War outbreak in India. Dr. Norbert Wiener introduces Cybernetics and The 20th Century Limited begins its maiden run.