Veterans for Peace

Deported Veterans Continue To Fight
Left: Robert Vivar; Right: Hector Lopez of Unified U.S. Deported Veterans - Playas Barracks Image from: Jenn Budd

Deported Veterans Continue To Fight

These veterans keep fighting while the Commander In Chief is and was a draft dodger.

Wrong 'Bush' Arrested At Bush Dallas Library Opening?

Watch: During the opening dedication ceremony of the George W. Bush Library & Policy Center in Dallas, Texas, Dennis Trainor Jr. of Acronym TV and Gary Egelston of Iraq Veterans Against the War wearing Bush and Cheney papermache impressions, were brutally arrested for walking off the curb.

Wall Street Burns At Burning Man

Burn Wall Street is a large scale, outdoor art installation that is sprouting powerful conversations countrywide. By bringing individuals from the Occupy and Tea Party movements together, this project asks participants to put their

'Tax The Rich, End The Wars!'

Retired Navy Commander Leah Bolger to plead guilty to interrupting the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction to tell the truth about the only things needed to fix the federal budget, "Tax the rich, end the wars!"

Newly Obtained Emails Between Oakland Officials Give Insight To Violent Police Actions

Recently obtained internal emails between Oakland City Hall and police through a public records request that give a look into the mindset of Oakland officials during the violent police raids of Occupy Oakland that began last October. The police clash on October 25, 2011 left Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen clinging to life in critical condition, and wounded many others.

Veterans Attempt Citizens Arrest Of Rumsfeld In Boston

Several members of the group Veterans for Peace were escorted out of the Old South Meeting House in Boston Monday night after they attempted a citizen's arrest of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. "I went down in front and looked Donald