Today in History

February 2, 1951 - Radioactive Snow.

February 2, 1951 - The war in Korea, frostbite, advancing towards Seoul and rumor of a 38th Parallel being established. On Capitol Hill; wage freeze relaxations, the railroad strike and a move to draft 18 year olds. Atomic testing in Nevada hinted at being responsible for radioactive snowfall in Canada. Religion making a revival, due in large part to the Cold War, the Korean War and The Atomic Bomb.

January 18, 1957 - Flights Of Endurance.

News for January 18, 1957 as reported by Edward R. Murrow. Polish Elections, B-52 bombers on first non-stop around-the-world flight. Congressional hearings on Labor Racketeering. Middle East. Aftermath of Suez crisis and withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza. The Cold War.