#Occupy Wall Street

Malkin Attacks Union 'Thugs' And Black Friday Strikers

Ah yes... somebody's got to look out for those poor, oppressed millionaires and billionaires and stand up to those evil union thugs and Occupy protesters: Malkin Reacts to Union Protests: ‘People Need to Understand That Big Labor Thugs Don’t

'Occupy Wall Street'

This is the video for the song 'Occupy Wall Street' written and performed by Spencer Livingston. Produced and engineered by Peter Malick.

Man Recites 'I Have A Dream' Speech

This video was just uploaded a few days ago, and turned up in my email box with other videos of the vigil in NYC on January 15th. It is actually from last October at Zuccotti Park, but it's perfect for today as well as a man with Occupy Wall