Occupy DC

Chris Hedges And Occupy Debate 'Black Bloc' Violence

With the escalation of police tactics at many Occupations, some Occupiers argue for more active resistance. Chris Hedges and Kevin Zeese are questioned by DC Occupiers over future tactics at a seminar sponsored by a Ralph Nader group.

What Led To Breitbart's Epic 'Rape' Rant At CPAC?

What caused Andrew Breitbart's now infamous meltdown at CPAC? Many commenters suggested that Breitbart was drunk, and this video seems to suggest just that. Listen as Breitbart is preparing to go confront the crowd, someone off-camera

Sarah Palin And Occupy Could Be Friends

CPAC culminated with a dozen standing ovations for Sarah Palin. The queen of conservatism told the audience, “The President says small Americans, small-town Americans—we bitterly cling to our religion and our guns. You say, I say, we say—keep

Police Raid On Occupy DC

Screams of anger, panic, and pain began to cut through the grey air, and I managed to get back into the crowd a bit, away from the police. In the midst of the pressed and screaming crowd I saw two occupiers, Mo and Georgia, find each other, and hug. They stayed there, oblivious to the cacophony around them, both their eyes glassy and vacant and a little too wide open.

Occupy DC Demonstrator Threw Bottle, Not Brick

Authorities in Washington now say a demonstrator at an Occupy DC encampment threw a liquid-filled soda bottle, not a brick, hitting a U.S. Park Police officer after police began removing tents over the weekend.

Live: McPherson Square

Seven protesters were arrested after a pre-dawn raid on the Occupy D.C. camp in McPherson Square on Saturday, with dozens of police clearing away tents, debris and some dead rodents.