Zucotti Park

#M17 Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Park Arrests

On March 17 , Occupy Wall Street demonstrators gathered for their Six month anniversary, where people re-occupied Zuccotti Park. This footage begins around 9 O'clock p.m.,and shows the gathering that took place along with many of the arrests...

Occupy - Still Free (Take A Chance On Me)

Still Here. Still Free. #M17 marks six months of American occupation and raising of social consciousness. Zuccotti Park is re-occupied. Liberty Park is open once again. 99%, take a chance. When you're ready, #Occupy is here.

NYPD Raids Zucotti Park

Early Tuesday morning, riot gear clad NYPD surrounded Zucotti Park, then moved in what appears to be a desperate attempt to clear the area of protesters, their tents, personal belongings, as well as any and all traces that the birthplace of the "Occupy" movement that has swept the nation ever existed at all.

Veterans Of The 99% March In Support Of Occupy Wall Street And Scott Olsen

Members of the New York City chapter of <a href="http://ivaw.org/">Iraq Veterans Against the War </a>and dozens of other uniformed veterans known as "Veterans of the 99%" pause in front of the New York Stock Exchange while marching from Vietnam Veterans Plaza to Zucotti Park where the Occupy Wall Street movement is centered on November 2, 2011 in New York City.