Wall Street Burns At Burning Man

Burn Wall Street is a large scale, outdoor art installation that is sprouting powerful conversations countrywide. By bringing individuals from the Occupy and Tea Party movements together, this project asks participants to put their

Occupy The Library

A group of eight squatters entered the north London library last week through an open window. They have now reopened the library to residents with the help

Occupy Seattle: #S17 Silent Flash March

Via Occupy Seattle: When – Mon, September 17, 6pm – 10pm Where – Westlake 400 Pine (map) Occupy changed the conversation. It placed greed front and center in the public debate. In solidarity with #OWS and Occupy’s 1 year

Occupy Wall Street: Still Here. Still Free.

From Framed Crooks: "Last September 17th, as part of a wave of global protest, people from across the country raced to the heart of New York's financial district to occupy Wall Street. In the face of big banks foreclosing on our homes,

Documentary: 'Occupy The Bay'

Official trailer for the documentary film "Occupy the Bay." “Occupy the Bay” is a documentary video project directed by Jonathan Riley and produced by Kevin Pina/Long Memory Productions. The one-hour documentary chronicles the local

Why The Occupy Anniversary On Sept. 17th Matters

This is your Moment of Clarity #169: A year ago Occupy Wall Street burst onto the scene, changing the conversations going on around this country and perhaps the world. Has it had some defeats, some hurdles, some difficulties? Sure. But who

Protests To Target Frankenfood Corporations On Occupy Anniversary

An expanding network of concerned individuals known as Occupy Monsanto has emerged over the past 8 months staging numerous protests at companies connected to the global trade of genetically engineered foods, also known as GMOs. The network announced today that on September 17, 2012 protests will begin for an entire week in St. Louis, home of the Monsanto Corporation, and across the US including California where voters will decide if they will label GMOs this election and worldwide in Argentina, Canada, Germany, India, Philippines, and other countries where concern over GMO impact on the environment and human health is growing.

Occupy Now: The Story Of The First Two Months

We are at a crossroads. Access to jobs, homes and resources are dwindling. Our right to peacefully gather to discuss what to do about it is aggressively being fought by nationwide police coordination. It is a decisive moment on this

'Mr. Satan Goes To Wall Street' - An Occupy Musical

Video streaming by Ustream In one of OWS’ most creative tactics, the guerrilla street-theater musical comedy “Mr. Satan Goes to Wall Street” debuted in Tampa, Florida at the RNC. “Mr. Satan Goes to Wall Street” is an