Riot Gear

Weekend Protests In Anaheim

Protests continued through the weekend in Anaheim, California, with one protest on Saturday that was by all accounts nearly silent and completely peaceful, and Sunday's protest being the total opposite...

Updates On The LAPD 'Chalk Riot'

More videos surfaced online on Sunday of the LAPD violence at Thursday’s Downtown LA Art Walk. Many helicopters hover above the streets. Full riot gear was worn by some officers during the ordeal. Rubber bullets and other projectiles were

May 1st Occupy Wall Street Video Round-up Part One

Occupy Seattle attacked and pepper sprayed by the Police May 1st: Occupy Seattle protestors were at the city's Terminal 18 port when, according to many witnesses, the cops formed a line with horses and bikes and started hitting the crowd
Report: UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident 'Should And Could Have Been Prevented'

Report: UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident 'Should And Could Have Been Prevented'

No doubt you all remember the shocking pepper spray attack on peaceful student protesters at UC Davis last November. Today the report into that incident has been released and the results are damning, accusing the Chancellor of poor leadership and concluding that the use of pepper spray was unjustified and should have been prevented.

Police Raid Building Occupied By Occupy SF

Occupy SF activists were back in the spotlight Sunday, taking over an unoccupied building owned by the Archdiocese of San Francisco with plans to establish a "permanent occupation" that would serve as shelter and a center for services for

31 Arrests At #WaronWomen Rally In Richmond

This is Bob McDonnell's Virginia: The Virginia state capitol was the scene of an enormous women's rights protest. A peaceful protest, with young, old, and everything in between, men and women alike. The overreaction by the police was appalling and shows the extent to which the Republican party is willing to use police power to suppress peaceful dissent.