Liberty Plaza

Solidarity With Occupy Gezi

This Saturday, June 8th, Occupy Solidarity with #OccupyGeziNYC. Join us in Liberty Plaza to gather in common cause with the Taksim Square movement and the people of Turkey.

Occupy: 'I Raised My Voice On Wall Street'

Our eviction from Liberty Plaza on Nov. 15th 2011 has only strengthened our resolve. The winter has passed and we are still on Wall Street. We are occupying the steps of Federal Hall. We have occupied the sidewalks of Wall Street and we promise to continue to challenge the unjust power of Wall Street. Join us this Friday April 27th and invite others...

Occupy Wall Street Wins Court Case: Barricades Down At Zuccotti Park

Less than two days after the NYCLU demanded that Brookfield Properties remove the barricades preventing the public from accessing Zuccotti Park, the property management company has done just that. Earlier this evening, the barricades were removed and stacked off to the sides, permitting visitors to enter the park.

NYPD Raids Zucotti Park

Early Tuesday morning, riot gear clad NYPD surrounded Zucotti Park, then moved in what appears to be a desperate attempt to clear the area of protesters, their tents, personal belongings, as well as any and all traces that the birthplace of the "Occupy" movement that has swept the nation ever existed at all.