Occupy Seattle

Occupy Seattle: #S17 Silent Flash March

Via Occupy Seattle: When – Mon, September 17, 6pm – 10pm Where – Westlake 400 Pine (map) Occupy changed the conversation. It placed greed front and center in the public debate. In solidarity with #OWS and Occupy’s 1 year

Money Drops To End Citizens United

A Seattle Occupy group drops $5,000 from hotel to protest money in politics: Occupy protesters in Seattle tossed $5,000 out of a hotel window to protest the influence of money in politics. MicCheckWallStreet, an offshoot of the Occupy

Private 'Shell Oil' Party In Seattle Orchestrated By The Yes Men

Did you catch the video of the private party hosted by Shell Oil in Seattle at the Seattle Space Needle last week? The party was to be a celebration of the impending offshore drilling operations into the Arctic, complete with a replica of the Kulluk oil rig that will be doing the drilling, and inviting the widow of the man who designed the rig to symbolically <em>tap the arctic</em> and fill her glass with some alcoholic drink pouring from the top of the miniature rig. But lo and behold the rig's pump malfunctions and spews all over the elderly widow! Epic PR Fail!

May 1st Occupy Wall Street Video Round-up Part One

Occupy Seattle attacked and pepper sprayed by the Police May 1st: Occupy Seattle protestors were at the city's Terminal 18 port when, according to many witnesses, the cops formed a line with horses and bikes and started hitting the crowd

#Occupy Wall Street Round-up

On Thanksgiving day, Occupy LA had a message for President Obama, and donations of food poured into the group all day.Two stuffed turkeys also arrived from the Police Department. "Gifts from one of the commanders," one volunteer said.