Trickle Down

On 'Morning Joe,' Paul Ryan Hilariously Pretends To Care About Poor People

Failed Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, who believes that the problem with America is that there are too many "<a href="">takers</a>" slacking off in "<a href="">hammocks</a>," went on MSNBC Monday morning with a simple message to America's poor: I care.

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Donald Rumsfeld Edition

This is a good example of what they call in Don's old office "blowback." Because as Rumsfeld tried to join the <a href="">middle-aged, white male Chick-Fil-A-loving chorus of yahoos</a> screaming BENGHAZI!!!! -- he inadvertently shot himself in the foot.

David Brooks Admits 'Conservative Ideas' Don't Work

In Friday's New York Times, Bobo writes yet another column praising Santorum -- and lets something slip. I’m to Rick Santorum’s left on most social issues, like same-sex marriage and abortion. I’m also put off by his Manichaean political