Mitt Romney Gets Pwned By Occupier At New Hampshire Town Hall

Wednesday in New Hampshire, John McCain endorsed Willard at a town hall event. After the love fest, they opened it up to questions -- which was a big mistake.

The fist question was by an Occupier, and he really let Willard have it.

“It seems that the U.S. is a great place to be a corporation,’’ the man said, “but increasingly a desperate place to live and work.’’

“Where do you think corporations’ profits go?’’ Romney asked.

It goes to the 1 percent of Americans who own the 90 percent of stocks,’’ the man responded and continued to press him.

That's how it's done, ladies and gentlemen. Willard then pathetically replied,

“You’ve had your turn,’’ Romney said. “Now it’s my turn. . . . Corporations are made up of people and the money goes to people either to hire people or to pay shareholders. They’re made up of people. So somehow thinking that there’s something else out there that we could grab money from and get taxes from and everything would be better . . . why, they’re still people.’’

Here's hoping Willard keeps up this "corporations are people" stuff all throughout 2012. Winning message.

Later, a woman tells Willard that she doesn't think much of Reaganomics.

After 20 years of Reagan economics, trickle down theory, it didn’t help me,’’ she said. “My tin can is still empty.’’

“Let me ask you a question: Can you tell me where it’s better to live, where the income per person is better than in America?’’ Romney responded.

In other words, "Suck it up, lady -- or go back to China." Super classy.

I think Willard laid out a couple good campaign bumper stickers there. "Romney 2012: Corporations Are People" or "Romney 2012: Be Grateful You're Not Living in a Third World Country."

Add yours in comments.


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