Wells Fargo Drives Homeowner To Suicide

Norman and Oriane Rousseau were homeowners who did everything "right" when they purchased their home. They had 30 percent of the purchase price as a down payment, and they made their payments on time. After being contacted about refinancing

Violence Erupts After Anarchist Book Fair

Just as Occupy Wall Street was getting some very positive reports in the media over their "sleepful protests," and the relationships being built within the community...anarchy. To what end? To make the residents of NYC fearful of protesters in

Zimmerman Attorney Claims Trayvon Martin Broke His Client's Nose, Denies Crime Racially Motivated

This Friday evening, CNN's Anderson Cooper spoke to the attorney for George Zimmerman, Craig Sonner, about the Trayvon Martin shooting, and I think this interview just raised more questions than it answered. We found out that Zimmerman's attorney is claiming his client is supposedly in the United States, but he couldn't say where, or that he'd met with him face to face.

March 7, 1978 - Oil, Coal And Settlements Everywhere.

March 7, 1978. Sharp divide among Israelis about settlements in Arab territories. Coal Miners Strike. Carter invoking Taft-Hartley to settle strike. Panama Canal Treaty debate continues. Rhodesia border clashes with Zambia. Cairo looking to Washington for leadership in Middle-East Peace talks. Kuwait Oil Minister seeks boost in prices. Larry Flynt recovering from surgery following shooting. Mid-West feeling effects of Coal Strike.

Judge Blocks UC From Releasing Pepper-Spray Report

The University of California's investigative report into the controversial pepper-spraying of UC Davis student protesters by campus police in November was due to be released Tuesday online, and to a public forum at UC Davis until it was

February 10, 1994 - The Cautious Exhale.

February 10, 1994 - a shaky ceasefire in Sarajevo four hours old. UN Peacekeepers and NATO troops skeptical and hopeful. Two members of the British Parliament and a British Aid Worker kidnapped in Somalia. Israel and PLO in partial agreement over autonomy issue in Gaza and Jericho. Tonya Hardings slaps $22 million lawsuit against the USOC for barring appearance at the Winter Olympics. Famed U of Oklahoma Coach Bud Wilkinson dies at 77.