Tuition Hikes

Occupy Wall Street News Round-up

The 10 hours and 35 minutes of video footage shot by the NYPD during the raid of Zuccotti Park that was released by Anonymous on Monday gives a more expansive view of what happened on the morning of November 15, 2011, albeit in a more

A Statement From The Occupy Student Debt Campaign

Everybody is now talking about the student debt crisis, but nothing is being done about it. Thanks in large part to the great public amplifier of the Occupy movement, this year’s presidential contenders have been forced to embrace

Students To Hold Hunger Strike At Cal State

Thirteen students attending six Cal State University campuses have announced that they will begin a hunger strike on Wednesday, and citing the failure of traditional routes to result in any dialogue to address their concerns about tuition

30 Pepper-Sprayed At Santa Monica College Protest Included 4-Year-Old

Thirty Santa Monica College students were treated for injuries, including a 4-year old with as many as 5 hospitalized on Tuesday after being pepper-sprayed during a protest against a plan to possibly quadruple fees to $180 per unit or more for the most popular classes, which are already hard to get into. Students protested outside at board of trustees meeting.