Why Immigration Reform Is Good For Our Economy

From the White House White Board: It's clear commonsense immigration reform is good for the economy as a whole. Don't take our word for it — study after study has shown that commonsense immigration reform will strengthen the economy, spur innovation, reduce the deficit and increase U.S. trade and exports.

Robert Reich: Ending The Global 'Race To The Bottom'

In this video Robert Reich explains how large economic entities, such as the United States and the European Union, can curb the power of corporations and serve their citizens, rather than the profit-at-all-costs interests of global capital.

Why Goldman Sachs VP Greg Smith Resigned

Greg Smith, the ex-vice president of Goldman Sachs who resigned last spring after publishing a scathing op-ed about his former employers in the New York Times, has a new book out...

Goldman Sacs And A Sale Gone Horribly Awry

Janet and Jim Baker are fighting Goldman Sachs over its work in 2000 - or lack thereof - on the all-stock sale of their business, Dragon Systems, to a company that later collapsed, leaving them shut out. NYT: THE business deal from hell

Low Capital Gains Taxes Fuel Inequality, Not Investment

Behind almost all of the disturbing issues raised by Mitt Romney's jaw-dropping tax returns stands one largely unchallenged conservative article of faith. Much lower tax rates for capital gains than income earned through labor, conservatives