Vice-President Joe Biden

Biden: Paul Ryan Walked Away From The Deficit Commission

Ha, ha! Dick Morris is still a moron, both for believing that the deficit is the cause of the recession, and for calling Paul Ryan's intellectual 'staggering.' I am looking forward to a vice-presidential debate, because Paul Ryan is simply not

Mitt Romney's Convention Reinvention

A new attack ad from the Obama-Biden camp mocks Mitt Romney's planned re-packaging during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, as he desperately tries to morph into someone who at least registers on the likeability scale. Good luck

Anonymous Sends Message To Unemployed Americans

We are Anonymous, We are all perfectly aware of the economic crises and job shortages in this country. We are aware that many of us are still without jobs and many have had to take lesser jobs for less pay outside of our chosen professions and educational training...