Jim Inhofe

Jim Inhofe Implores GOP Colleagues: Consider Bolton's Feelings
Is Jim Inhofe saying Bolton is a snowflake or a snowball? Hee hee Image from: Senate Floor Screenshot

Jim Inhofe Implores GOP Colleagues: Consider Bolton's Feelings

John Bolton has fee fees and Senate Republicans are hurting them, says the Senator who brought a snowball to the Senate floor to deny climate science. Irony is dead.

Climate Change Denier Inhofe Says Monster Tornado 'Hard To Explain'

Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe (R), who maintains that <A href="http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/04/11/inhofe-moveon-org-george-soros-michael-moore-created-global-warming-hoax/">global warming is a hoax</a> created by former Vice President Al Gore and the United Nations, said on Tuesday that it was "hard to explain" why Monday's tornado was "so much worse."

James Inhofe: Gun Debate Has Nothing To Do With Newtown Families

Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe is one of 14 Republicans who have pledged to filibuster any sort of new gun restrictions and as MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell noted, he now apparently believes enough time has passed that he feels free to insult the parents of the murdered children from Sandy Hook elementary school.