Sen. Jeff Sessions Blames Porn For Military Sexual Assaults

It looks like Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III decided to give his fellow Armed Services Committee member, Saxby Chambliss, a run for his money to see who could make the most absurd statement during the hearing on sexual assault in the military this Tuesday.

Santorum: Obama 'Exposing Children' To Risk From Porn

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum on Sunday defended his promise to "vigorously" fight a war on pornography by accusing President Barack Obama's administration of "exposing children" to risk by not enforcing existing laws. In an

Rick Santorum Declares War On Porn

Richard Nixon ushered in the War on Drugs. George W. Bush, the War on Terror. And now Rick Santorum introduces the War on Porn. Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum says that “America is suffering a pandemic of harm from