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Morning Open Thread

Michael Rigley created this beautiful animation, titled "Network," for his BFA design thesis project at the California College of Art. It's about personal data captured by cell phone providers and is quite relevant this week.

Democracy Now Interviews NSA Whistleblower William Binney On Growing State Surveillance

Democracy Now did a follow up this Friday on their previous segment I posted here -- James Bamford: NSA is Building the World's Largest Spy Center. This story of course is being ignored again by our corporate media and is terrifying quite frankly as to the amount of data they're collecting and the abuses and potential abuses that are inevitable when you allow anyone access to this much personal information about their fellow citizens.

James Bamford: NSA Is Building The World's Largest Spy Center

Color me not shocked that our "mainstream" corporate media didn't touch this story this week, but Democracy Now did. I read James Bamford's article at the other day and to call it deeply disturbing that this level of data mining and access to all of our personal information is going on with little or no scrutiny is an understatement, to put it mildly.