Bill Moyers: The Truth About Hunger, Food Insecurity & Poverty In America

Here in the richest country on earth, 50 million of us — one in six Americans — go hungry. More than a third of them are children. And yet Congress can’t pass a Farm Bill because our representatives continue to fight over how many billions to slash from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as food stamps.


This latest video released by Moveon.org hits Mitt Romney on his plan to lower taxes for the wealthy, and raise them for everyone else. The guy has to pay for his dancing horse some how. With a creepy hand that tries to get to your

New York City Homeless Population Soars To Record 43,000

DemocracyNow!: The Coalition for the Homeless reports the number of people living in New York City homeless shelters has reached an all-time high of 43,000. Critics attribute the spike in homelessness to the Bloomberg administration’s

Banks Revert To Old Predatory Ways

Sadly, Wall Street's financial giants have learned nothing from Occupy Wall Street. Once again they have reverted to old predatory ways and are seeking to reap profits from those who can least afford to be targeted to have a single hard-earned dollar milked out of their pockets.