Aurora shooting rampage

Philly Top Cop: Why Not Have Gun Registration?

The useful thing about This Week's George Stephanopoulos interview with Philadelphia's impressive top cop Charles Ramsey is how sensibly Ramsey responds to the idea that having civilians with weapons on the scene of the Aurora massacre would have

Calling Out The Gun Nuts: Bill Moyers Takes A Stand

Bill Moyers offers his cogent thoughts on the role of gun-rights outfits like the NRA (and its many, often more rabid, imitators), all of whom in the end are really the well-financed arm of weapons manufacturers, and how they have polluted not

The Aurora Rampage: Facing The Real Consequences

Following up on our discussion yesterday about the underlying issues raised by the horrifying murders in Aurora, there are several excellent and insightful pieces floating about that deserve to be well read. One of the more interesting is

Much Talk, Little Action Is Expected On Gun Control

Mike Bloomberg had some sharp words about the presidential nominees and their positions on gun control. Here we go again. Politicians will pretend they're going to do something, and the NRA will make sure they don't - because after all, it's an

Psychopaths And Mass Violence: The Ideological Component

There's going to be a lot of finger-pointing and hand-wringing in the coming days as we begin to process the awful tragedy that unfolded early this morning in Aurora, Colorado. In particular, it seems that right-wingers are eager to point