Vice Presidential Debate 2012

Huckabee: Biden Was Like 'An Obnoxious Drunk' At Debate

Add Fox News host Mike Huckabee to the list conservatives who are feigning astonishment at Joe Biden's aggressive demeanor during Thursday night's vice presidential debate. "I thought that Joe Biden came across as a guy that you meet at a

Ryan: Abortion Is Wrong Because The Fetus Looks Like A 'Bean'

The first and only 2012 vice presidential debate was historic in that both Vice President Joe Biden and Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan were both Catholics, but the two men could not have been more different on the issue of reproductive rights for women.

Biden's Debate Rant Rips Ryan: GOP Needs To 'Get Out Of The Way'

President Barack Obama may have pulled his punches during his first debate with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney but the GOP running mate didn't have the same luck when he met up with Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday. During a

Chris Matthews Confronts Wingnut Who Calls Obama A Communist

This is the sort of thing that just makes me weep for my country. From the pre-debate coverage on Hardball this Thursday evening, host Chris Matthews confronts a woman who calls President Obama a Communist and un-American. Matthews tried to get out