Jack Murtha

R.I.P. Jack Murtha

A little blast from the past from Rep. Murtha. His interview on Meet the Press June 11th, 2006 where Rep. Murtha blasts chickenhawk Karl Rove for his

Murtha Uses The "I" Word

On Sunday's "Face The Nation" Democratic Congressman, John Murtha talks to Bob Schieffer about the Iraq spending bill and the President

Murtha Speaks

[media id=733] [media id=734] UPDATE (SilentPatriot): Jack Murtha took to the floor today and delivered one of the most impassioned speeches

Murtha On "Meet The Press"

John Murtha joined Timmeh this morning to talk about his plans for the Iraq war... [media id=484] [media id=485] (5 1/2 minutes) Russert was pushin