Ted Kennedy

January 17, 1980 - Not A Good Day To Be A Journalist.

News for January 17, 1980. U.S. Journalists in Afghanistan and Iran were handed their walking papers and told to get on the first plane out of the country. Yugoslavia's Tito in failing health, nerves over possible Russian invasion. USSR calling up reserves as fierce resistance flares up in Kabul. Terrorist bombs go off in London. Day 75 of the U.S. Hostage Drama. UK's Thatcher recommends moving Olympics from Moscow to somewhere else. Shell Oil hikes gas prices $.05 for the second time in two weeks. Interferon is discovered and renewed calls for Legalization of Marijuana.

January 12, 1980 - Hostage Drama: Week 11.

News of the day for January 12, 1980 - Hostage Drama in Tehran enters Week 11. UN vote on Sanctions against Iran is postponed, due to hint Iran may soften demands on US. Crackdown on opposition in Iran with mass execution of supporters of Ayatollah Shariatmadari in Tabriz. Canada hints at willingness to offer Montreal Olympic site as alternative to Moscow. Rhodesia readies for first legitimate Majority Rule elections. Relations between Rhodesia and Mozambique improve. Illinois legislature approves financial bailout for bankrupt Chicago schools and Ted Kennedy is reported to be running 25 points behind Carter in upcoming Iowa Caucuses.

Gingrich To Romney: 'Drop The Pious Baloney'

During a GOP debate on Sunday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Mitt Romney to "drop the pious baloney" after the former Massachusetts governor asserted that for him, "politics is not a career." "I think it's understandable and perhaps

July 5, 1980 - Campaign '80 A-Go-Go.

News of the day for July 5, 1980 - Campaign '80 in full swing. Carter back in Plains Georgia after whirlwind campaign stops in Los Angeles and Miami. Reagan declines NAACP invitation to speak. Shah of Iran taking turn for worse in Cairo hospital. Thailand receives first shipment in it's $400 million arms purchase. U.S pays for shipping. Cuban boat people are heading to Florida, fears this is Castro's Convict Dump. Detroit readies for the upcoming Republican Convention by hosting round-the-clock negotiations with striking garbage workers. 425,000 people cram the Mall in Washington D.C. to celebrate the 4th and John Williams makes his Boston Pops Fourth of July Debut, complete with Darth Vader.

Mitt Romney Rewrites His Book - And History

Perpetual presidential candidate Mitt Romney has performed more flips than an X Games champion. The pro-choice Senate candidate (and Planned Parenthood donor) of 1994 did a hard right turn on abortion for the approaching 2008 GOP primaries,

That First Week In December 1991

News of the first week of December 1991. Hostages freed, David Duke makes a run for the 1992 Presidency, Soviet Union cutting funding for Olympic training facilities, British Publisher Robert Maxwell in financial trouble with New York Daily News filing bankruptcy, John Sununu scandal, recession in 17th month, PanAm goes out of business. Mass murderer Richard Speck dead. Keating guilty verdict. Shuttle Atlantis returns to earth.