Ted Kennedy

Dana Rohrabacher Lies About Ted Kennedy, Calls Him 'Treasonous'

Dana Rohrabacher Lies About Ted Kennedy, Calls Him 'Treasonous'

Rep Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and emerging threats, told MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell on Monday that he was not bothered by Russian attacks on the U.S. election because Americans had a right to know what was in private emails sent by Hillary Clinton's campaign staff.

O'Reilly: It's In Bad Taste To Use A Dead Guy To Club Romney

Poor old Bill-O was terribly upset that the Democrats used Teddy Kennedy to "club Mitt Romney over the head" with the tribute video they played of him at their convention this Tuesday night. We all know Republicans would never do a thing like that,

Coulter Calls Akin A 'Selfish Swine' For Staying In Senate Race

It looks like Sarah Palin isn't the only one desperate to get another Republican into the Missouri Senate race after Todd Akin has refused to step down. From this Wednesday evening's Hannity on Fox, Ann Coulter lashed out at Akin, calling him a

You Know Mitt Romney Is Out Of Touch When...

For months, Mitt Romney like John McCain before him has tried to compare President Obama to Marie Antoinette, an Ivy League educated elitist who is out of touch with the American people. Of course, that task is a daunting one for the $250

The Life Of Mitt

Conservatives this week were quick to mock the Obama campaign's "The Life of Julia," an online slideshow highlighting how government investments in education, health care, small business and retirement security help enable the children of

February 23, 1975 - Not Bathing In The Same Water Twice.

February 23, 1975 - calls to send Military aid to South Vietnam. Kissinger returns from Middle East "hopeful". Ethiopia ask U.S. for arms against militants in Eritrea province. Judge Sirica hands down sentences for Watergate figures. New tensions in Cyprus. Outlawed strikes in Spain go on anyway. Persian Gulf region under scrutiny for continued arms sales. Another lovely day in the neighborhood.

Abortion Is No Longer Personal For Mitt Romney

Modern American politics is replete with what may be called “Asterisk Republicans.” These are conservatives who adhere to the GOP’s ideological orthodoxy* until such time as someone they care about is personally impacted by it. Dick