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Mike's Blog Round Up

Unfogged: McCain has done the same thing Edwards did. At least Edwards isn't running for president anymore. Chris Floyd: Marching through Georgia ll:

Mike's Blog Roundup

Attytood: Why does John McCain hate trains? Collateral News: There is more evidence that some of the 26,000 people held without charges by the US hav

Mike's Blog Roundup

Beggars Can Be Choosers: Americans support Bush's impeachment more than they ever supported Clinton's. American Street: At least 14 GOP members of co

A 'Fresh Chance'?

Two major dailies — the LAT and the NYT — argue that the resignations of Rove and Gonzales offer Bush has a “fresh chance” to turn things aro

More On The WH Crew Blogger Bash

I posted this last night. Why wouldn't Gregory just say that the right wing blogosphere attacks him everyday and that's what bugs him? Simple