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The Left Coaster: Will Democrats do another "ostrich" routine on Iran? DIRELAND: U.N. agency confirms gay Iraqis targeted for kidnapping and murder(

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Galloping Beaver: al-Zarqawi may have been deposed, so who's running the jihad? At least Iraqis are becoming more like Americans...they're packin'

Olbermann On The Colbert Report

Keith Olbermann was a guest on "The Colbert Report,"last night. It was fun watching him being interviewed by the human parody of Bill O'Reilly. [med

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up A look at the debate over freedom of speech versus the rules of faith ignited by the publication of the infamous cartoons depict

Bill O'Reilly

Lowers the Bar Again I was watching this segment come up tonight and I thought that Bill had brought on a mom named Dolores Kesterson who had lost he

More On Dobson

via Atrios Erect Purple Frog Radical Cleric SpongeDob Stickypants links to a children's website which prominently features an erect purple frog. T