Peter Daou

The Apocalypse

On Scarborough Country, the panel of pundits talked about the possible Armageddon in Iraq with al-Sadr in the middle of everything. [media id=16762]

Bush And Those Pesky Shades

I saw this also, but Wonkette was the first to post it today: [media id=15492]-WMP [media id=15493]-QT Today, at a presser, this exchange happen

Media: Defend Your Integrity

I don' t understand why the media lets themselves get destroyed by ideologues and then happily welcomes them on their shows-acting as if nothing happe

Calame Channels Noonan

Move over Deborah Howell. New York Times Public Editor Byron Calame keeps the "panty sniffing" meme alive and well. (reg. req) "When

More Tomfoolery From The WaPo

More Tomfoolery from The WaPo georgia10: The Washington Post runs an absurd article titled "White House Opens Door To Dissenters". The Car


Peter Daou touched on this yesterday, but it gets worse...