Warrantless Wiretapping

Brit Hume Doesn't Think Most Americans Should Be Worried About Being Spied On Because He's Not

While discussing whether our so-called national security apparatus has grown too large and unwieldy in the aftermath of 9-11 on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace asks Brit Hume if he thinks Americans' civil liberties are in jeopardy or not. Naturally Hume says he's not concerned and actually goes so far to say that we've responded really reasonably to the attacks on 9-11 because hey, at least we're not locking people up in Japanese internment camps like we did during World War II.

Democracy Now Headlines June 18, 2009

Democracy Now's headlines for June 18, 2009. Supporters of Mousavi Hold Mourning Rally in Tehran Iran Accuses US of Meddling in its Internal Aff