David Addington

Some Torture Facts
Image from: ACLU.org

Some Torture Facts

The torturers are absolutely right to be pissed that they're being hung out to dry while Bush, Cheney, and Addington (and people like Tim Flanigan) are protected.

Chris Hayes On The Iraq War Architects: Where Are They Now?

I highly recommend watching the entire show if you have time which you can catch here if you don't have the show recorded at home, but here's one of the better portions of this Saturday's Up With Chris Hayes which followed their panel discussions

CNN National Security Debate: Bring On The Neocons!

CNN held their "national security" debate this Tuesday night and I have to say this one was even more bizarre to watch than the last one they had that was co-hosted by the AstroTurf "tea party", not so much because of anything the candidates said

Addington Puts On Quite A Show

At this point, we can finally agree that Cheney is the Vice President, and the Vice President is part of the executive branch, right? Apparently not.

20 Questions For David Addington

Here's John Yoo's infamous defense of torture: [media id=5629] Cassel: If the president deems that he's got to torture somebody, including by crush

Mike's Blog Round Up

Watching Those We Chose: A forthcoming book by a former head of the Attorney General's Office of Legal Counsel tells of Cheney Chief of Staff and Coun

The Other Valerie Plame

The other Valerie Plame Murray Waas’s new column in the National Journal, sheds a bright light into the PlameGate investigation and the ties be